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Does Exercise Build Mental Power and Promote Higher Achievement in Students?

We’ve all been in the same situations where we felt like we weren’t capable of finding time to balance studying and finding time to exercise. A healthy body, an alert mind, and a high GPA seem to be the goal set for so many college students. What if there was something you could do to improve all three components to make you a better student overall? You may already be aware that exercising regularly is important for controlling weight gain and minimizing your risk of getting a variety of health conditions. But exercising on a regular basis can also improve your academic performance.

Can exercising help to raise your GPA? Is exercising the missing link to your success in college? Both of the questions seem inconsequential to any college student already drowning in their studies with barely any time for themselves much less any time for exercising. A few steps you can take toward balancing exercising and studying are listening to a video about your study topic while working out or reading from your textbook while on the treadmill. If these two methods don’t work for you, find a way to make exercising regularly a part of your daily regimen.

You may also be asking yourself, “Is exercising more important than studying my life away?” The truth be told to reaching optimum levels of cognition and earning good grades have all been scientifically proven as linked to one common factor: regular exercise. Exercising on a regular basis benefits more than just your academic performance. Exercising helps to promote both physical and mental health as well as packing you with brain power. The effort put into finding time to make exercising a part of your daily regimen is well worth the benefits to your life.

See here for a more thorough analysis.

By Tianna McInnis

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