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UWF’s Up and Coming Artists

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of the semester, and you’ve got tons to do, but you’ve run out of ideas. Maybe all you need is some inspiration to spark that creative energy, and what’s more inspiring than art? This month, we want to shine the spotlight on UWF’s Up-and-Coming Artists. Be the first to discover these talented Argos and find out how they push themselves to new creative levels.


Makeup Artist

“I think beauty initially is something or someone that is eye-catching, but most importantly what lies within.”

As a child, she was not allowed to wear makeup or even paint her nails; so naturally, she wanted to even more. Marissa Almada did not know then that she had a talent for makeup artistry, but she had an appreciation for art and an environment that encouraged her creativity. Inspired by her father’s watercolor paintings, she began to draw, paint, and even design jewelry, but eventually she found her talent working with makeup.

“When I realized I was talented in doing make-up, I started watching 1-minute make-up tutorial videos on Instagram, and now I make my own,” she said.

Now, she spends her time practicing her craft by devoting hours to creating new looks that range from contemporary beauty to dramatic skull illusions. She enjoys experimenting with color and has recently been working with “cut crease” looks, and when she wants to practice, she has several lucky friends who are willing to stand in as her canvas.

“I just like when I get my friends to feel themselves because I know we all have those days,” Almada told us, adding, “I hope the euphoric feeling I get when my makeup is complete is the same feeling my clients get when I am done with their make-up.”

You can find her makeup tutorials on Instagram: @bythesea_muaFor her blog, photo gallery, and services, her website is as follows:


Fashion Designer

“I have always been well-versed and able to connect to the different cultures naturally, and I wanted to create a brand that represented that.”

In the summer of 2017, Chris King launched his clothing line, Cvltüre. Inspired by his ability to connect with a variety of different people, he created a brand to reflect an open and inclusive view.

He explained how he got into fashion: “Growing up I was labeled as ‘the best dressed,’ and as I got older, and began to dress myself, it became more natural and a hobby more than anything.”

When asked how he would describe his artistic style, he categorizes it as contemporary, suggesting that while his clothes are not extreme, they are unique with interesting details.

King calls his clothing bold and notes that when people wear his clothing, he wants them to feel confident.

“The whole purpose of this line is to wear what you believe in. I want people to wake up in the morning, put on my clothes, and have a sense of pride that they can conquer their day,” he said.

You can see more of his work on Instagram: Business Instagram: and his Personal Instagram: @Iamchrisking_ 

Mitchell Wisniewski

Screenwriter, Director

“[I want] to be part of the positive change happening in TV. While things are getting better for representation of marginalized communities in the media, I think we still have a long way to go.”

Remember that name, people, because he is going places. Already the creator of his own podcast and web series, this screenwriter and director is focused on creating incredible moments in entertainment by using his artistic vision and stylistic talent.

A self-proclaimed “theatre kid in high school,” Wisniewski began to nurture his love for the visual arts, first through photography, then by moving on to television and film.  

In 2017, he started his podcast Broadway Beat which focuses on theatre and Broadway shows. “Every episode, I bring in (via FaceTime) a Broadway celebrity, a musical theatre writer, or someone who is somehow involved in [New York City] theatre who I think is really cool,” he said. The podcast is available on iTunes and SoundCloud, but it is currently on hiatus because these days, Wisniewski is busy writing for TV.

He just recently wrapped filming for The Finale Girls, his first major TV project. From costumes and lighting to the writing itself, Wisniewski’s passion is evident through his involvement in every part of the production process. He has gained inspiration for his work from the television shows that he loves and counts producer Ryan Murphy, whose work includes Scream Queens, American Horror Story, and Pose, as one of his greatest influences.

Wisniewski claims that part of his appreciation for television is that it serves as a form of escapism where the audience becomes invested in the lives of the characters and—even if only for those few minutes—gets to live in their world.

Mitch Wisniewski wants to create that world:

“Seeing someone who looks like you, acts like you, and represents your values and identity on TV is hugely validating, and I would like to be a part of the generation of creators working to make sure people who aren’t used to seeing themselves on TV are represented on screen.” 

For more information and updates about his work, follow him on Instragram: @TheFinaleGirlsWebseries or Twitter and Instagram: @Mitchwis 

(photo credit: Monica Wilson)

By Kristil Knox

Kristil is a senior at the University of West Florida where she is an English major. She is passionate about world travel, social justice, and education. When she is not raising a family of empathetic, independent, creative thinkers, she is obsessing over Game of Thrones and dancing like nobody's watching (even though she loves it when they are).

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