Editorial: New Year, Better Me

A New Year’s resolution is a crazed human tradition to look at the new year as a fresh blank page with plenty of room for self-improvement. Honestly, although resolutions are always made with the best intentions, it can be easy to abandon them. Whether it is due to the inability to follow through or simply life getting in the way, resolutions do not seem to live to see February. This year, I have a strong resolve to actually keep up with mine. Upon reflecting on the past year, I realized that there were a few ways in which I wanted to better my life. My goals for this year are to avoid procrastinating, to improve my physical health and to focus more on my mental health.

A battle against procrastination is one fought, and lost, by many, and for me, I find that I lose more often than I win. To combat this bad habit, I have started to use a planner. I have noticed that if I write things down and allott periods of times to study or work on assignments, I am more likely to avoid procrastinating. Using my planner, gives me the satisfaction of being organized, which helps me to stay focused.

Trying to balance work, school and extracurricular activities has been a struggle for me. As a result, I have let my physical health become less of a priority. A second goal of mine for this year is to work on this aspect of my life. This includes improving my sleeping schedule, eating balanced meals and finding time to exercise regularly. Again, using a planner will hopefully help me set aside time for working out and planning healthy meals. Also, finding reliable workout partners will keep me accountable for maintaining my gym schedule.

My most important resolution for this year is to prioritize my mental health. Over the last year, I allowed myself to be overwhelmed and stressed about different things in my life. This year, I am hoping to avoid having a similar experience. I plan to set aside time to do things that relax me, such as reading-books other than textbooks, spending time with my family and writing. Also, I am working on expressing my feelings and emotions so that I am not internalizing everything and causing my emotions to build up and explode in unhealthy ways. I am really hoping that by improving my mental health I will have a more positive outlook on life. Change will not happen overnight. I am well aware that I will probably not get rid of my bad habits over a short period of time. However, I plan to keep up with my resolutions so that I may live a better and healthier life. Though these tips may work for me, they may not work for everyone. I am in no way an expert; in fact, I am far from it. Like most of you, I am just a college student trying to conquer both college and life.

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