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We Tried UWF’s Group Gym Classes and Here’s What Happened

It’s the new year, so a lot of you have health goals for the year. Group fitness is a great way to reach those goals plus have fun with your friends. UWF has its own set of fitness classes that range from kickboxing to Zumba to yoga. There are a wide variety of classes for all levels of fitness. There’s no need to feel out of place because the instructors take their time to make sure you are following along with the rest of the class. In case you are on the fence about trying UWF’s gym classes, we tried a few and ranked their difficulty level from 1 to 5, 5 being the hardest.

  1. Slow Flow Yoga with Trevin: Difficulty Level 1

Slow Flow Yoga is a great class for beginners to either fitness or the world of yoga. Most classes range from five to fifteen people. It’s a good class to take after a grueling workout. Trevin makes the class fun by cracking jokes and chatting with the students before the class begins. He also encourages the class to push past their limits.  This is a great class to bring your friends to for a fun bonding session.

2. Core Cycle with Grace: Difficulty Level 1-3

Core Cycle is a class that is for all fitness levels whether you are new to fitness or a veteran. It’s one of those classes where you can control the intensity. It’s a great class for people who are looking to get into spin. You basically sit on a stationary bike and pedal as fast or as slow as you want. There’s also the added bonus of abs plus strength training. This is taught by the same instructor as kickboxing, so the atmosphere is energetic.

3. Zumba with Lisa: Difficulty Level 2

Zumba is a really fun class to do with friends. The music choices always get your blood pumping. It’s definitely a class for any level of fitness. Although, they also suggest people who have experience with group fitness to take this class. I went into Zumba thinking I was going to hate it, but I actually don’t mind it. The class is more fun if you are doing it with some friends. Lisa is a great instructor who works you until your body is sore.

4. Kickboxing with Grace: Difficulty Level 3

This class is definitely for someone who has more experience in the realm of fitness. It’s an amazing class to work out your whole body. This class left me hobbling around campus the next day. I recommend this class for people who want to feel the burn. Grace is a very inspiring and upbeat person who makes you want to work harder. I wouldn’t want any other instructor to make me cry from the pain.

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