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SGA Senator Starts SGA Political Party

SGA Senator Hunter Lyons made Transform, an SGA political organization, and is serving as the organization’s president. Transform endorses candidates running for SGA positions. The organization’s About the Organization page on ArgoPulse says the following:

“Interested in Student Government? We could help you build out a campaign, and possibly win your election. If you would rather not run, you could become a staffer, and help someone else run. Supporters are also welcome.”

Photo Credit: Transform Party

This organization is currently the only SGA political party, but Lyons thinks more political parties will form soon.

Transform will choose to endorse Presidential candidates once there are several candidates running. Lyons said the organization will not be accepting SGA funding.

Lyons said he will not be running for SGA president this year, but he will be running for re-election.

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