A Poem by La-Vonne Powell

Today, we’re happy to share with you a piece from another UWF student artist: La-Vonne Powell. She raps, she writes, she creates, and today, she speaks. La-Vonne shared with us a poem about being black in America today, a topic with a lot of heavy stuff behind it, but she handles it with aplomb.

My life has been hectic for as long as I can remember, so I’ve been writing my thoughts down since the 7th grade. Despite all the hardships I’ve faced, my artistic capabilities have been my refuge. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida where the diversity is at its peak. Pensacola has been the total opposite which is a learning experience for me. “Being Black Now” is a poem with a pro-black statement, due to all the cons you face as an African-American in this country. We have and are given limited resources; however, we shall overcome all things.

Being Black Now.

The games are orchestrated,
so is the hate.
When they finally learn to love us,
it will be too late.
The darker the pigment,
the harder the struggle.
The stronger the drive
the longer the hustle.
Black excellence is
manipulating a system
that limits your success.
Black excellence is
not turning the the other cheek.
But knowing how to stay blessed.
Black excellence is
knowing how to be Martin but not
being afraid to be Malcolm.
Before Wakanda,
the Black Panthers were the outcome.
Many try to polka dot on us,
but we earned our stripes
Labored all our life
so we can eat at night.
Flying with the left wing.
Still nothing goes right.
They tell us to aim for the stars, then stop our height.
There’s no more doing that,
living in a helpless fantasy.
The connection of melanin
was never bad for me.
Ancestors broke their back just for us to aspire.
So many hidden obstacles
Other things are required.
I won the accolades so my skin color can’t hinder me.
We know racism hides.
It’s a cowards trait.
When they finally learn to love us
 it will be too late.
How they learn to love us will be by faith.
They didn’t want us to have freedom
so they made us wait.
Patience has grown thin.
What we want we take.
Black power is a statement, others want to be scared by.
They see us mourn all the time, they like to see their fears cry.
Black excellence is knowing your presence makes a statement.
You have to wake up and chase your dreams, there is no point in sleeping and waiting.

If you would like to see more of Powell’s work, follow her on Instagram
@HoneyXBun .

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  1. This is perfect. Powerful work sis!

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