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Kappa Delta’s Kickin’ Shamrock Philanthropy Event

Sororities are more than just cute pictures and glitter, the women of Kappa Delta Theta Epsilon chapter are here to show you their passion for ending child abuse in America.

Those who are members of the Greek community are already well-versed on the philanthropic events held by each organization, but what about those who are not a part of this community? As a UWF student, you must’ve seen social media posts about philanthropy events being thrown by fraternities and sororities but have yet to consider attending.

Becca Suwarow and Haley Brown, members of Kappa Delta.

Kappa Delta’s “Kicks for Kids” Shamrock event is a soccer tournament coming up on February 23, and is a way for the sorority to not only raise awareness about child abuse but also help prevent it by raising money for it. Some of the money also goes toward the local Children’s Home Society.

“Each year after Shamrock, a representative from Children’s Home Society comes to thank us and lets us know how they’re using the funds that we raised,” Kylie Forehand adds.

“80% of our proceeds go locally, so we have a big hand in helping the Pensacola community,” Becca Suwarow said.

Kappa Delta believes that attending the event benefits the student body to be more involved in Greek events because it helps bring a better understanding as to why these men and women are so passionate in their organizations.

“While I wasn’t personally abused, my childhood friend was,” Kielyn Lynch said. “After growing up together and seeing how this so negatively impacted her life, I wanted to do everything I could to prevent any other child from sharing a similar experience.”

“We’re really hoping to get more people involved who are outside of Greek life,” Forehand said, in hopes to bring out more students to show their support toward the sorority’s event.

“There’s going to be food and other activities for people who aren’t playing in the tournament,” Forehand adds as an incentive for those who are not planning to break a sweat playing soccer.

In case you and your friends are interested, anyone 18 and above are eligible to make a team and play. Kappa Delta will be tabling outside of the commons the weeks before and on the event to encourage everyone to create a team.

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