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The Art of Business Casual and Argos Suit Up!

For young professionals entering work environments, what we wear can send the message that we take our job seriously. But dressing for the job you want can be tricky when business casual seems like a relative term. Knowing that overdressing is almost as bad as underdressing when it comes to a business casual events can make getting ready for this atmosphere a daunting task.

Business casual is more of a scale than a set standard and varies at each organization, event, or conference. For men and women, collared shirts or button downs are usually a safe bet. It’s important to remember that jeans and athletic wear (including tennis shoes) are usually too casual for business casual. Ties and full suits are too formal for both men and women in a business casual setting. If you’re unclear on the dress code a certain place or event adheres to, remember it’s better to ask then to show up dressed wrong!

Here are two women’s outfits that are business casual. Skirts that are no shorter than above the knee are usually considered acceptable as are dress pants, khakis, or dresses that meet the same length as skirts. For shirts a button-down shirt, collar, or shirts with structure are within dress code.

These are two options for men’s business casual. For men, shorts are not business casual but chinos, khakis, slacks and other dress pants are all appropriate. In warmer weather, short sleeves and rolled sleeves are good choices if they look well put together. Polos, button downs and sweaters can all be business casual.

If you are looking to invest in some business casual or other professional attire, Argos Suit Up! is an event that helps students build their professional wardrobes. Today from 6:30-9:30 p.m. UWF students will have the opportunity to get 40% off eligible professional attire at the JCPenney on Davis Highway in Pensacola. Students also have the chance to win gift cards ranging from $50-$200 in drawings.

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