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Brett Culp’s Superhero Leadership Soars to UWF

The University of West Florida’s College of Business will be bringing Brett Culp, an acclaimed filmmaker and social entrepreneur, to give a free lecture to Argos on Feb. 19. The speech is a part of COB’s Executive Mentor Program and Wells Fargo Speaker Series.

“The Executive Mentor Program offers students an opportunity to put the applied skills they are learning from their mentors into practice,”
Director, Executive Mentor Program and Clinical Professor of Business
Dr. Sherry Hartnett said. “This is accomplished through a series of program/student enriching activities such as networking and training events–such as this Wells Fargo Speaker Series–that students are encouraged to attend.”

Culp is a well-known personal cinematographer and has his films on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix. His career as a filmmaker has helped him take a unique approach to community outreach.

Culp’s speech Superhero Leadership: How Everyday People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact will focus on showing Argos that entering their career field is only a fraction of the mission. Culp will teach Argos how they can use their own careers as a stepping stone for improving their community.

“I have a general sensibility that the place you need to stay in your life and your career particularly is that intersection between what you’re personally passionate about and what the world needs,” Culp said. “When you can find that spot where you feel alive and you’re also impacting the world, that’s an incredible place to build a career from.”

Culp believes that no matter what career path you are on there is an opportunity to make a difference in the world around you.

“I think in the long term people who have the most satisfying careers and lives are the people who have an alignment with something that they feel not only creates success for them but also creates success for other people and creates a positive impact for the people that they serve,” Culp said.

Another focus for the speech is leadership.

“Leadership is more than management,” Culp said. “It is more than telling people what to do. It’s really about finding the best in others and helping them find the best in themselves.”

If you are interested in attending Culp’s speech, you can register here. For more information about COB’s Executive Mentor Program and Wells Fargo Speaker Series, check out their Facebook page.

Gina Castro is a senior at the University of West Florida where she is double majoring in English Literature and Journalism. When she's not researching new stories to write articles about, she is watching knitting tutorials or obsessing over Toni Morrison.

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