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How to be Proactive Instead of Reactive During Midterms

Argos, midterms are starting Monday. With our midterm exams and projects quickly approaching, it is important to find ways to be a proactive, instead of a reactive student. Follow The Argonautica’s guide of how to be a proactive student and sail through your midterms with a fraction of the stress and struggle!

Tip 1: Review, review, review

Start reviewing your notes now! Don’t cram the night before. Reviewing parts of your notes and past class material in small sections a day is the best way to ensure retention of knowledge for your midterms. Cramming in everything on your study guide the night before the test is going to make you more stressed. Take time out of your day to look over your notes. Don’t wait till the last minute. UWF offers amazing tutoring for all subjects at almost any time that will fit your schedule. Click the link here to check out our Tutoring Center and find tutoring times that will work for you.

Tip 2: Take a break

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list, take time to recenter your thoughts. It may seem counterproductive to stop studying when you still have so much to review, but when you are trying to study stressed, you are not going to be efficiently studying in the first place. Take a moment to breathe or get a healthy snack. Remember to be proactive and not reactive.

Tip 3: Find a stress relieving activity that adds to your proactive lifestyle!

Section out a bit of your time in your day to stay balanced. It is important to find a productive, time-managed activity that will help clear your mind. Instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram for 30 minutes in the morning, visit UWF’s Fitness and Recreation Center! It is a fantastic and free resource for students. Take 30 minutes in the gym to balance yourself. If the gym isn’t for you, make a healthy snack or try meal prepping to save time in the future. Your daily activity can be as easy as making a warm cup of tea or coffee and disconnecting from your smartphone, while sorting out everything in your busy life. Taking a moment like this and making it part of your daily routine is going to make a big difference in staying balanced and keeping good mental health during midterms.  

Tip 4: Make a study group

Studying can be frustrating to do all by yourself for some classes. Connect with some of your classmates by forming a study group! Use the resources in UWF’s John C. Pace Library. The library is a perfect place to meet up with classmates and study. The library is open till at least 9 p.m. everyday, and offers study rooms and over 200 computers. Click here to learn more about how the resources in our library could help you be a proactive studier.

Tip 5: Get organized

One of the most important ways to be a proactive instead of reactive is to stay organized. This applies to every aspect of your life. Keeping your things organized is going to make things run smoother and help you save time throughout your day. Keeping a planner or a notebook with all of your upcoming due dates and tasks is going to help keep your mind clear, making your life easier. Find a way to organize something in your life that can help you become more proactive.

Following a few of these simple tips are going to make a big difference in your life during busy times like midterms. Remember to stay proactive, not reactive throughout your entire educational career. If you have any tips or questions about how to be a proactive student during midterms, let us know on our social media accounts @theargonautica.

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