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Studio Sunday Spotlight: Sonia Soto

We started The Argonautica to draw attention toward the Argos in the UWF community, so today, we are excited to share our first ever Studio Sunday with all of you.

Our Studio Sundays will feature all different types of art from photography to ceramic art to oil paintings and everything in between.

Our first artist is Soto Sonia. She is senior getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

My work is an inquiry of the human form. Traveling across the United States and abroad has allowed me to experience a cultural mosaic of people and our diversity fascinates me.

I spend most of my time painting and sculpting. My paintings are impressionistic as I set out to capture the essence of my subjects. Much of my work has an impasto quality and brushstrokes are highly visible.

The inspiration for my sculptures are based on organisms found in nature or mythological creatures. Texture plays an important element in my sculptures.

My goal moving forward is to create a diverse body of work while continuing to explore the human form as well as resorting to nature for inspiration. I hope to capture the essence of my subjects and create another version of what my senses perceive.

If you would like to see more about this artist, check out her Instagram.

If you are interested in being featured in our future Studio Sundays, please email us at .

Gina Castro is a senior at the University of West Florida where she is double majoring in English Literature and Journalism. When she's not researching new stories to write articles about, she is watching knitting tutorials or obsessing over Toni Morrison.

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