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UWF’s SEAS Seeks to Reduce Plastic Usage on Campus

Student Environmental Action Society (SEAS) is rolling out an initiative that would encourage students to reduce and reuse their waste. This Reduce and Reuse initiative will provide a great opportunity for students looking to lessen their environmental impact while nabbing some free stuff.

During the Bag and Bottle Swap event on the Cannon Greens April 9th, SEAS, along with other student organizations, will be offering reusable water bottles and bags to students who bring in at least three plastics bags and three plastic bottles.

SEAS will also hold multiple nature trail and campus cleanups this year to keep those same plastics off UWF’s grounds and conduct a tour of a recycling facility. 

SEAS began working on this project after recycling on campus became an impossibility. Students were tossing so much trash into the recycling bins that didn’t belong that the university was being fined, and now, UWF no longer has a recycling contract.

It was SEAS that made the university adopt a campus recycling program in the first place. SEAS is nearly twenty years old and was founded with the purpose of making changes to the community and campus for the better.

“We want to show people how to correctly recycle,” SEAS President Robin Hall said. “UWF had an issue with high levels of contamination. Knowing how to recycle correctly is just as important as saying you recycle!”

SEAS has also had success in enacting change recently on campus in other ways. They helped established the GreenFee, which helped fund the solar tables, water bottle refill stations, and other green features on campus. You can even see a SEAS plaque on the gym’s water bottle station!

“The world is currently facing an epidemic with the amount of plastic that we currently have in our oceans and in the landfills,” Hall said. “By reducing the amount of plastic we use now and reusing the few products that we can not help buying, we could decrease plastic use and help our environment.”

Going to the bottle swap isn’t the only way UWF students can address this crisis. Hall recommends making small changes in your own life to help the environment, like using reusable bottles instead of buying plastic water bottles, which can also save you money.

If you are interested in SEAS’ mission of creating a green campus and spreading environmental awareness through community initiatives, or are involved in a student organization interested in tabling with them at their  Bag and Bottle Swap event, the club meets Mondays at 4 p.m. in building 13, room 202. They can be reached through Instagram, Facebook, or their email,

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