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Studio Sunday Spotlight: Crystal Ryan

This Studio Sunday features digital photography with a twist. This week’s artist is Crystal Ryan, a senior majoring in digital arts.

Crystal Ryan

Ryan is not certain what she will be doing after graduation, but she is considering graduate school.

Crystal Ryan embraces unusual subject matter—the mundane, the discomforting, and the unpredictable.

Should of Ducked

She experiments with new material at every opportunity and is always searching for more to explore. Ryan believes that the beautiful and the perturbing can coexist, and she attempts to portray this through her artwork.

Wasped Away

The juxtaposition of ugliness and elegance in Ryan’s creations is something she is pursuing, developing, honing; her goal is to evoke strong emotions from the viewer.

Moth Balled

Emotions are what tie viewers to a piece, and she believes that the unexpected in particular leaves an even longer-lasting impression. Ryan’s work focuses on going beyond what is comfortable and leaving in others that powerful, lingering effect.

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Gina Castro is a senior at the University of West Florida where she is double majoring in English Literature and Journalism. When she's not researching new stories to write articles about, she is watching knitting tutorials or obsessing over Toni Morrison.

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