A Poem by Elishia Perez

It’s spring break, so I’m sure all of our readers are out there getting up to something ill-advised, but, as I always say, what’s spring break without a little poetry? Here we have a poem by Elishia “Elle” Perez, a UWF English major as well as an navy veteran. The poem she provided is a sad one dealing with love and acceptance. Perhaps not the most “fun in the sun” theme for spring break but something timeless nonetheless.

Now, Elle has opted not to provide a photo of herself, so in lieu of that, I leave you with her words on what poetry means to her:

I was thinking of all the times that I thought that I was alone when I wrote the poem. I had allowed all of my insecurities to take root and grow into these thoughts of being ignored or unloved by my family. Writing poetry is my way of thinking about my life from a different perspective because I can change the focus of the story to create a character to be who or want to become or as a reminder of someone who I don’t want to be again. 

Do You Love Me?

Mommy, do you love me?
Mommy, do you see me anymore?
These people (my anonymous friends) see me.
They love me.
They like me.
I hurt (because I do not understand my world).
I hurt (because of the words said to me).
I hurt (because I feel invisible).
These cuts bring me back to life.
I do not feel when I cut.
I see only blood and that reminds me to live.
Daddy, why don't you talk to me anymore?
Daddy, is it because I am growing up?
Is it because we fight like ALL the time?
These people (my faceless friends) see me.
They love me.
They like me.
I hurt myself (because you do not understand me).
I hurt myself because of the words you said to me.
I am invisible (inside and out).
The only time I feel is when I cut.
I still see the blood, but I have forgotten how to live.
I can see you staring now.
Do you love me?
Do you like me?

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