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Office of Equity, Diversity Presents Kaleidoscope

If we all shared the same views, ideas and interests, the world would not be as advanced and innovative as it is today. As we work to better appreciate the intricacy of our society, it is important to finds ways to ensure that all individuals -no matter their gender, race or sexual orientation- are understood and valued equally.

The UWF Office of Equity and Diversity is holding its first ever Kaleidoscope Conference on March 28 to highlight the importance of diversity in the UWF community. It will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the UWF Conference Center.

Hands on a globe — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

This conference aims to encourage and inspire by displaying different perspectives that are present. It seeks to encourage individuals to value their roles in society while also acknowledging and valuing the roles of others.

There will be keynote speakers and even an opportunity for group discussions. One of the guest speakers, Isiah Griffin, is a current graduate student at UWF.

“I believe the importance of this conference can be discovered in the name of Kaleidoscope,” Griffin said. “Through the lens of a kaleidoscope, one can visualize an infinite number of visual perspectives made up of a combination of various colors and patterns. Likewise, through the lens of this diversity conference, we are provided a glimpse into the altruistic and infinite possibilities cultivated from integrating our individual differences and experiences.”

By embracing the differences, experiences and ideas that different groups within our society bring to the table, we can become more united as a people. Through this unification, we can ensure a better chance for a prosperous future.

Griffin, ultimately hopes that students will learn to appreciate their differences and their peers’. Griffin is just one of the intelligent individuals that will be speaking at the conference.

To register or find out more about this empowering event and the keynote speakers, go to

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