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A New and Inclusive Pre-health Organization

There are several premedical organizations on the UWF campus, and recently, a new one has been added. In the fall semester of 2018, Christlene Amitie worked to bring a national organization known as the Minority Association of Premedical Students(MAPS) to our campus. Amitie now serves as president of UWF’s MAPS.

MAPS Historian Jasiana Edwards (left) and MAPS Vice President Aschle Jossaint (right)

“There are  pre-health organizations for honor students, all students, and for women, but not for a population that is a minority, but growing in size at UWF,” Amitie said. “Bringing MAPS to UWF was something I thought was a necessity, it is an organization that strives to aid students into health related professional schools and do that for minorities.”

Being a part of a minority group makes life more difficult, Amitie said, because it places obstacles in one’s path toward a successful career that others may not have to overcome. An organization such as this one unites those who understand the disadvantages of not being part of the “majority,” Amitie said.

Amitie said this organization aims to give minorities opportunities to advance toward their careers in healthcare.

“For the future, I see growth in membership, endless experiences and opportunities, lasting relationships and professional school acceptances,”
Amitie said. “I see MAPS lasting at UWF long after all current members have moved on by making differences in the lives of minorities that come from all nationalities and ethnicities.”

If you are working toward a career in the healthcare system and would like to join this growing organization or get more information, you can sign up on Argopulse or email the organization at

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    Great Job Ms. Amitie.

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