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A Day in the Life of a Double STEM Major

Have you ever wished you could try a one-day trial in a major you are interested in? Deciding on a major is tough. Figuring out what topic you want to specialize in can feel a lot like narrowing down your list of favorite songs to one single jam. It’s challenging as heck.

That is until The Argonautica made a series jam-packed with one-day trials– introducing “A day in the life. . .” This week the series will be taking a look into the life of a double STEM major. Learn all about the trials and tribulations of being a STEM major directly from the source: a student.

My name is Jasiana Edwards. I am a senior at UWF majoring in both Biomedical Science and Psychology. Double majoring in two STEM majors may seem crazy and daunting. Based on my two majors, some may assume I know exactly what I am aiming for in life. Honestly, I am no longer completely sure of what my end goal is. For most of my life, I have had a desire to become a pediatrician, a children’s doctor. However, lately, I have been considering a career more focused on children’s mental health. As I have dived into more of my psychology classes, I have found a new desire to possibly work toward a career in child psychology. 

Jasiana Edwards

Both of my majors are geared toward a career in helping others. One focuses on physical health, and the other pertains to mental health. Biomedical Science is pretty much a pre-medical degree. With this degree, I will complete classes that are required for me to apply to medical school.

My psychology degree was originally just a degree I had added on to allow me to have a holistic approach to healthcare once I am settled in my future career field. Now, it also serves as an opportunity for me to get my masters in psychology if I do decide to pursue a career in child psychology. 

As in any major(s), there are some obstacles. One obstacle I face is the feeling of being behind. The application process for graduate school is very competitive. It requires you to have experiences that make you stand out. Feeling as if I have not yet completed enough is a stressor I deal with.

Having a part time job while maintaining on average about 16 credit hours a semester, which can require many hours in the library studying and doing homework, makes it kind of hard to fit in everything else. Right now, I am working on accepting that I can only do so much without overexerting myself. As not only a female but also a black female in today’s society, imposter syndrome is one major obstacle I face on a daily basis. Always wondering if I am smart enough or good enough to have a successful career can be pretty taxing on my self-confidence.

However, I have surrounded myself with like minded individuals who support me and help me build my confidence in my intelligence. As of now, I am a member in nearly every pre-medical organization on campus. I am the president of UWF’s American Medical Women’s Association, the historian for our Minority Association for Pre-health Students, and a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta (an honors pre-medical organization). Outside of the pre-medical organizations, I am also a writer for The Argonautica; writing for the school’s online magazine allows for more of a creative outlet for me.

Grade point averages are another important factor when applying to either graduate school or medical school. My goal GPA is around a 3.5; however, I am slightly below that at the moment. Although all of the classes and extracurriculars can sometimes seem like a lot to handle, I know that I will look back on these days and realize that they prepared me for a fulfilling future in whatever field I decide to go into.

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