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What finding home was like for me

Sorority members talk about their rush experience.

A home away from home is a common promise sororities mention during recruitment season. For those who are moving hundreds of miles away to college from what they’ve always known as home, this can be a convincing statement.

One of the frequent questions college freshmen tend to ask each other is, “Are you rushing?” As a freshman, it may be riveting to think about being a member of Greek Life, especially with how the media portrays how much more fun college seems to be when one is a part of Greek Life.

Melissa Watson (bottom right) with her sorority Alpha Gamma Delta (Alpha Gam/AGD)

“I was worried about not being my authentic self and not being accepted because of all the stereotypes I heard about sororities,” a newly initiated member of Alpha Gamma Delta Melissa Watson said.

Despite the stereotypes that surround Greek Life, one woman from each sorority was happy to gush about her unique experience with sorority recruitment as a freshmen last year.

“What surprised me was how fast it seemed to go by,” one of Alpha Chi Omega’s new initiated members Ellie Johnson said. “You’re meeting so many new people that you don’t even realize you’ve been in the same room for an hour.”

In addition to making new connections through this process, those going through recruitment (referred to as PNMs = Potential New Members) are also indulged in learning each organization’s charitable works and ideals.

Kayla Rau (second from right) with her sorority Kappa Delta (KD/Kay Dee)

“I was pleasantly surprised to learn that all of our Panhellenic sisterhoods here on campus have amazing values and philanthropies,” a newly initiated member of Kappa Delta Kayla Rau said. “When I knew I wanted to join a sorority, my expectations were high! [Those] expectations were exceeded as I found sisters who make me a better person and love me beyond measure!”

It is no surprise PNMs try to prepare themselves as much as possible for recruitment, whether that be by watching YouTube videos of those that have gone through the experience, or reading up on blogs about sororities.

“I would watch YouTube videos about other girls’ experiences with recruitment but nothing really compares to your own.” one of Alpha Delta Pi’s new initiated members Katy Dekraai said.

“Besides planning my outfits, I went in with an open mind and hopefully attitude,” Rau said excitedly. “I tried my best to go in as my true self [and] in the end, it worked out perfectly.”

“I looked up tips and tricks on how to talk to the girls, and I tried to be myself,” Watson said.

Ellie Johnson (blue cap, second from right) with her sorority Alpha Chi Omega (Alpha Chi/A Chi O/AXO)

“Honestly I tried to avoid thinking about it because I got so nervous,” Johnson said.

Based on these sorority members’ responses, rushing is a different experience for each person who goes through it. But as Watson said it’s important to just be yourself. Sororities are rooted in sisterhood, if you believe your sisterhood could possibly be right here on campus, give it a try. After all, rushing is not like signing on the dotted line. If after rushing you decide Greek Life just isn’t for you, you can always back out.

Katy Dekraai (second from right) with her sorority Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi)

“Be confident in yourself and don’t let anyone else’s opinions of other sororities sway your choice.” Dekraai finishes with an important advice for incoming PNMs.

Tune in on September 8th, for a perspective on rush week from newly initiated fraternity members.

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