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Should You Rush a Fraternity?

Recruitment season is in full swing as the Interfraternity Council kicks off rush week for the young men hoping to find a home on campus to call their own.

Today, the six fraternities open up their brotherhoods to PNMs (Potential New Members) to get to know them better and give them an insight on what being a part of their organization would be like. Although different from how sororities conduct recruitment, the one similarity would be the promise of exceptional friendship and a community of like-minded individuals to “do college with.”

Kevin Choe (far left) with his fraternity Sigma Chi.

“I wanted to get to know the brothers more going into these different rush events, but knowing these group of guys would be my brothers for years, the main thing that was going through my mind was which fraternity seemed the most ‘brotherly,'” A brother of Sigma Chi, Kevin Choe begins. “Or which one made me feel most comfortable to hang out with.”

Brendan Harte (top left) with his fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu (SAM/Sammy).

“I was very nervous because I’m usually very introverted and felt intimidated by the bond all the brothers had,” Sigma Alpha Mu’s Brendan Harte opens up. “I started to feel better after the rush events since every brother I talked to tried to get to know me personally and make a connection.”

Fraternity rush events are considered to be more laid back in comparison to sorority recruitment. Each day, PNMs are invited to hang out with the brothers of each fraternity to see which brotherhood they’d like to truly be a part of.

It is not mandatory for the PNMs to attend all six fraternities’ events, but it is recommended in order for them to determine which one would be right for them. Think about it as the process of elimination to find the fitting brotherhood for you.

Matt Hulse (top row, second to left) with his fraternity Alpha Tau Omega (ATO).

“I was definitely enjoying the moment,” Alpha Tau Omega’s recent fall initiate Matt Hulse shares. “I tried keeping an open mind and listen to what everyone was saying to me, but my goal was to have clarity on which group of guys I clicked with the most and would help build me as a leader and a person.”

Leadership and networking are the most glorified promises upon being a member of a fraternity, all while the media’s dark portrayals of “frat boys” hang in the air.

Sawyer Lang (far left) with his fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE).

“They should forget everything they thought they know about fraternities based off of movies and tv shows,” Pi Kappa Alpha’s Sawyer Lang advises. “If you’re rushing to party all the time, don’t rush. Every fraternity at UWF is looking for guys who are going to be future leaders, not future liabilities.”

Cameron Roy (bottom, second to the right) with his fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE).

“I saw myself as someone that could contribute to and benefit from their causes and events so I decided to rush and become a more active face on campus.,” a recent fall 2018 initiate of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cameron Roy shares. “Greek life doesn’t just mean being involved within your organization but also being involved on campus as well. This in turn expands a person’s networking chain.”

Luke Chirum (bottom row, holding flowers) with his fraternity Kappa Sigma (Kappa Sig).

“While there’s the social/party aspect everyone thinks of, fraternities help to better the community, establish large networks of people, and make you a better man along the way.” Kappa Sigma’s 2018 fall initiate Luke Chirum explains.

The decision to be a part of a fraternity not only means being able to wear Greek letters, but it also means having heavier responsibilities on your shoulders. Although to the eye of an outsider, it may seem like these men are just breezing through college, but in reality they do carry commitments to help better themselves and each of their organizations. Keep the superficial expectations out of your head throughout rush week. As Lang said, “Rush for the right reasons like leadership positions, networking, and brotherhood.”

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