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Argo starts Unlitter Pensacola

By Katie Dineen

Unlitter [ənˈlidər] (verb) 

1. to make a place tidy by picking up and removing trash “As we walked, we decided to unlitter, and we ended up filling a whole bag with trash!”

2. to create space in one’s mind, body, and life for positivity and inspiration to flourish “I’m unlittering my mind through meditation.”

(noun) 1.  a movement which seeks to make the world a better place through consciousness, sustainability, and positivity     “Unlitter seeks to eradicate mindless wastefulness.”

To #unlitter is to see trash and to pick it up. Simple as that.

The catchy slogan was first used amongst a group of friends at the University of Florida, but since the creation of her bold yet simplistic sticker, Sabina Osman has been blown away by the waves her word has set off.

Sabina is the director of UNLITTER, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting “a global movement of humans doing good” through “events, media, & sustainable products that trigger people to live a more conscious and positive lifestyle” (

With over 5,500 followers from all around the globe, UNLITTER primarily connects with others through Instagram, and UNLITTER encourages online community through promoting like-minded accounts.

I first spoke to Sabina after I made a partnership account. @Unlitterpensacola was created in March of 2019, and after several days of being active on it, the official @unlitter account messaged me, encouraging me to call sometime soon.

Sabina was thrilled that I took initiative in creating my own local Unlitter account. She insisted that Unlitter should be a bottom-up initiative— a global community comprised of many small, but strong, local communities committed to shifting the local culture to being more eco-conscious: basically “think globally, act locally.”

UnlitterPensacola seeks to do exactly that— to foster a strong, supportive community committed to loving, learning from, and preserving the environment and each other. We pick up trash not because we hate it, but because we love the Earth and want it to be beautiful for future generations as well. 

We love the Gulf of Mexico, so when we surf, we #unlitter.

We love our campus, so when we see it is messy, we tidy it up.

We love our world, so when we know about tragedies such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch , we become conscientious of our own consumption and waste. 

So far, UnlitterPensacola has officially organized two clean-ups, the first at Bay Bluffs on Earth Day, and the second at Pensacola beach in late May. We hope to organize a clean-up at Blackwater State Park later this month as well as a “craftivism” event, in which we will transform collected beer and soda bottle-caps into cute, wearable pins and magnets. We will also be releasing custom-made UnlitterPensacola stickers soon.

Follow @unlitterpensacola on Instagram to stay up-to-date on future events, and please message us if you have any suggestions or ideas for creative ways to promote #unlittering! Tag us and in your posts, even if your posts are not specifically related to trash-unlittering, and we will feature you on our page. Happy unlittering!

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