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We tried the Guardian App

Have you ever spent a late night in the library studying and then had to make the daunting trip to your car or dorm in the dark? If so, there is an app for you. As of August 2019, UWF has incorporated an app to give students a better sense of security during threatening or problematic situations. 

Guardian is an app you can download on your phone. It is an efficient way to get into contact with emergency services on campus. According to the UWF website it gives you, “direct connections to campus police, family, friends, and others you trust.” The app includes an important contact directory that includes numbers for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, counseling center, UWF student affairs, and the National Sexual Assault Hotline. 

Another feature that I found very helpful was the safety timer. The UWF website mentions that you can, “Set a safety timer whenever you want someone to be notified of where you are going and if you got to your destination safely.”  

This app is not just meant for campus use, it also is of use off of school property. The app features a button that directly calls 9-1-1. It also has the numbers for local police and sheriff departments.

Overall, this is a very handy app to have at your fingertips. As a female student who spends many late nights at the library, I am grateful for an app such as Guardian. It can be a little spooky– not the good kind of spooky — walking to my car after a late night study session. I will definitely be using this app in the future.

If you are interested in finding out more about the app, you can download Guardian from the Apple App Store or Google Play when you search “RAVE Guardian.”

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