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Speak Up, Speak Out: An Editorial on the 2020 Elections

By Jasiana Edwards

This year has been chaotic, as I am sure everyone is aware. Not only have we been battling a pandemic that has altered our daily lives and witnessed a great protest to combat police brutality, but we are also in an election year.

The 2020 election is one of the most important and influential elections to date. We are determining who will lead our country through this pandemic and how their leadership will hopefully bring us back to how life was pre-COVID. Aside from the pandemic, there are many issues that are determining how Americans are voting this year. 

To get a better idea of how UWF students feel about voting and the election, I sent out an anonymous questionnaire. When I asked a few UWF students what they believed to be the most important issue they were concerned with this election year, the issues they mentioned were combating police brutality, ensuring human rights for all, and raising the minimum wage here in Florida. These are just a few of the many issues our country is facing this election year. 

This year has made it really clear how important voting is. The students I asked agreed that voting is important to them because it is a right that we are lucky to have. All of the individuals emphasized that being able to elect our leaders 

It’s very easy to think that your voice is not big enough to be heard. However, your voice is important. Americans are lucky to have the right to vote for our leaders. We should not take advantage of a right that not many countries have.

My hope for this election is that, no matter who is elected, our country fights to reunite those of us who have been divided by this election year. I hope that we as Americans do all we can to create a completely equal country for citizens of all ethnicities. Just as importantly, I hope we beat this pandemic and come out stronger than we were before. 

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